Balancing Risk & Reward

Shenouda focuses exclusively on investment management for families, individuals and institutions. We manage global, multi-asset class portfolios based on a singular investment philosophy that is anchored on a long-term investment horizon, fundamental research, global reach, and risk-adjusted absolute returns, among other priorities.

Risk Management

Risk management is a critical and ongoing core responsibility of the Investment Manager. Additionally, Shenouda emphasizes selecting high caliber technology systems. Integrating those systems with proprietary data gives Shenouda a competitive advantage.

Client Service and Reporting

Shenouda has meaningful resources dedicated to servicing its’ clients beyond managing investment assets. Shenouda takes a holistic approach to client service. Client service professionals through TD Ameritrade play an integral role in the overall relationship and will serve as a robust back/middle office, allowing clients to focus on other priorities.

You invest for a reason

You may be planning your retirement, or investing for a child’s education, or a home – or something else altogether. Every goal requires its own research, its own plan and its own strategy.

 keep your investments on track, tax efficiently

Our sophisticated, proprietary technology monitors and rebalances your portfolio to help keep you diversified and on track.

We can also help make your investment more tax efficient by harvesting investment losses to offset the taxes on any investment gains.

Our technology and investment professionals steer your portfolio

In retirement, Shenouda Capital can create a regular paycheck from your portfolio, while it continues to grow

With expertise backed by dedicated research, Shenouda Portfolios is designed to help you to quickly invest for your goal – whatever it is.

  • Diversify across drivers of value. To access different return drivers, our portfolios usually include fixed income, equities, alternative assets (“hedge funds”), private equity, and real assets investments
  • Invest our clients’ funds globally. Generally, we target significant exposures to non-US investments, excluding cash and bonds (which typically have been dollar, or local currency, denominated)
  • Focus on fundamental valuation analysis. We strongly favor investment managers whose strategies are based on performing fundamental analysis of companies, assets, securities, and events
  • Adjust allocations to asset classes and strategies based on market opportunities and risk. Using insights and observations from our own research, discussions with managers and other sources, we maintain a current opinion on relative value and risk in different sectors and strategies
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